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The Sabbat hit hard and brutally. The former council was all but wiped out in a series of strategic strikes. All seemed lost but the tide turned when a traitor seated on the council of Primogen was discovered. Clan Brujah was disgraced and vindicated when their Primogen was discovered as the one responsible, their rage and passion righted this wrong and soon after the Sabbat forces was decimated. A Tremere Prince, Magenta Harth spear headed the new council and lead the tower in rebuilding the cities domains. Nearly two years later the Elders ruterned quickly taking over. The city has come full circle. Bram the Camarilla Gangrel loyalist now rules desplacing the Tremere and readying all for what is to come.

The Past... Prince Alfred Hughs of the Nosferatu came to Vancouver soon after the first settlers where well established in the area. Seeing its potential he quickly carved out his name and domain making loose treaties with the city dwelling Bone Gnawers and Glasswalkers Werewolf tribes The City Lupine themselves where at odds with the native tribes of the Wendigo and Uktena who saw the arrival of the white man as sign of the end, they watched their world shrink that little but until Vancouver reached the limits that Gia would allow.

The city grew stronger immigrants from around the world flocked here looking for that piece of utopia, away from the growing corruption and disease of Western civilization. All they found was an over populated districts and more exploitation from the corporate giants that strangle hold of the world reached even to this great city. The Primogen are no different, greedily guarding their positions with influence and cunning. They hold the Neonates right where they want them keeping themselves above the Kindred population by socializing only with the elite they surround themselves with and keeping the young on a tight leash. The Nosferatu Prince is feared, he is every where yet only ever seen in council which the Neonates are never privy to, he speaks through his Seneschal Johan White of Clan Brujah who himself is only seen by appointment, if your lucky. Paranoia is rife as no one even knows who and where the Sheriff or Scourges are, a common fear tactic in a Nosferatu driven world.

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