With a passion that rivals the Brujah, the Toreador are Beautiful, elegant, flamboyant creatures. Most refer to them as ‘Degenerates’,‘artists’, and even sometimes ‘posers’, but no one can deny that they cultivate what is best in society. They are poets, musicians, and artists, choosing only the truly gifted for their ranks. They are masters of mortal society, gliding gracefully through life, surrounding themselves with elegance and luxury. The Toreador are committed members of the Camarilla and share the Ventrues’ love for high society. However, some prefer to inspire culture in order to preserve the mortals in their society that they love the most.

Clan Flaw: The Toreador are incredibly attuned to the aesthetics of pure beauty. This sensitivity can arise through seeing, hearing of even smelling something beautiful; in this case the Toreador need to pass a Self-control Test (difficulty 6) or become entranced by the sensation. An entranced Toreador can do nothing but stand, enraptured, by the cause of the entrancement for a scene or until it is removed form sight. They can’t even defend themselves form attack; however, being wounded allows them to reroll the Self-control Test to break the spell.

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Presence, Celerity

Toreador AntitribuEdit

the Toreador Antitribu are seen being instrumental the success of the Sabbat during its first night. If it wasn’t for them, they believe the Sabbat would have destroyed itself. They were responsible for many of the sect’s codes and ethics. Over time, the artists had grown beyond the simple aesthetics, to include the beauty of pain, cruelty, and depravity. Also known as ‘Perverts’, the Toreador’s reputation for torture is known to rival that of the Tzimisce. Tattoos, scarification and even body piercing are common within the clan, and they have even taken this further in developing a secret code to carry information. For example, a specific cluster of piercings could provide a certain message for those who know how to read it. This not only provides a useful tool, but also brings them great delight in the pain. Despite their darker nature, the Toreador Antitribu still maintain close relations to mortal society, bending it to their needs.

Clan Flaw: Unlike their Camarilla counterparts, the Toreador Antitribu have become twisted and warped, finding beauty and pleasure in the most sadistic and vile acts. They see beauty in pain and suffering. When presented with an opportunity to indulge in sadistic behaviours both mental and physical, they must make a self-control test difficulty 6 or spend a willpower point to resist. If the roll fails or the player refuses to spend a willpower point (which must be declared before the roll is made), the player must act out on the need to inflict emotional or physical pain on their victim.

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