Referred to as the ‘Sewer Rats’, no other clan has been touched by the curse of Cain quite like the Nosferatu. With the embrace comes deformity and twisted ugliness; the transformation for most can take up to a week and is incredibly painful. The result is so horrifying that they can no longer work the streets as they did in their mortal days. Instead, they have been forced to retreat underground, living the rest of eternity in sewers and Catacombs. The Nosferatu are loathed and avoided by the majority of kindred kind, who only interact with them when necessary. On the whole, the Nosferatu are the most level headed of Kindred, and take great pleasure in keeping up with common gossip and affairs. Due to their lifestyles, no one knows a city like a Nosferatu; from back alleys and street to secret knowledges, they’ve got it all. The Nosferatu hold knowledge and secrets above all else, and often trade in these with very high prices.

Clan Flaw: The Nosferatu are truly loathsome to look at. Their appearance trait is automatically zero, with no chance of raising it with experience in the game. All Social interaction based on first impressions are automatically failed other than those involving intimidation.

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence

Nosferatu AntitribuEdit

Known to most as ‘Creeps’, the Nosferatu Antitribu, unlike most of the Sabbat, still maintain reasonable relations with their Camarilla counterparts. Why this is, no one can say for sure; some believe this is a private matter between them, while other suspect something a little more sinister. Either way, the clan as a whole remains tight-lipped. On the surface, the Nosferatu Antitribu share a commonality with the camarilla, in the sense that even though they are monstrous on the outside, they are still one of the most human of all Sabbat clans. This has lead to accusations of them being soft, but this is misleading; many of them still maintain a mean streak left over form their embrace. They never do anything without purpose, as information is their game and they are the very best at retrieving it. Not much goes unnoticed by these hidden eyes.

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