NPC's are characters made for the city and the story. They are set sheets designed to either be slightly more powerful or serve a specific purpose or roll in game. We tend not to god mode them. They come in to play mainly for story development and aren't played to gather experience points. They are there to help or hinder players. NPC will be changed and invented as the ST's need them.

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Vampire the MasqueradeEdit

Characters by Sect

Faction camarilla Faction anarchs Faction independent Faction sabbat

Characters by Clan

Clan assamite Clan brujah Clan followersofset Clan gangrel Clan giovanni
Clan lasombra Clan malkavian Clan nosferatu Clan ravnos Clan toreador
Clan tremere Clan tzimisce Clan ventrue

Characters by Bloodline

Bloodline ahrimanes Bloodline caitiff Bloodline daughtersofcacophony Bloodline gargoyle

Mage the AscensionEdit

Characters by Tradition

Tradition akashicbrotherhood Tradition celestialchorus Tradition cultofecstasy Tradition dreamspeakers Tradition euthanatos
Tradition hollowones Tradition orderofhermes Tradition sonsofether Tradition verbena Tradition virtualadepts

World of DarknessEdit

Characters by Type

Age mortal Age ghoul Age sorcerer

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