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The Mages of Vancouver are split into two separate entities. The Cabal of the Torn Leaf, a Dreamspeaker and Verbena Cabal, and The Midnight Chantry. The first make their home deep in the wilds outside Vancouver, and are rarely seen elsewhere. Rumors tell of witches in the woods, pagans holding strange rituals, and people that live with wolves. The Midnight Chantry is lead by the mysterious man who calls himself Merlin, perhaps for comic reasons, ego, or something far deeper. The Mages have set themselves apart from the normal political world about them, and strive to hold a neutral attitude in an often times conflicted world of darkness.

Club Midnight is perhaps the single hardest, and easiest club to find, ever. For those that are looking for it, for reasons concerning the awakened, it almost leaps out to them. To be a Mage, seeking out the Midnight Chantry, its owner, Merlin, make the trek easy... unless of course your reasons are unsavory.

The Mages Chantry is the Chantry connected to Club Midnight, and watched over by Merlin. The leading Cabal, also headed by Merlin, is the Cabal of Twisting Knowledges, comprised of the Archmage, and three others of just slightly less power. The entire Cabal, and Chantry really, are neutral in the remnants of the Ascension war, having cast the political troubles between Awakened factions aside, to pursue more fundamental pursuits.

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