Known as the ‘Outlanders’, the Gangrel are largely seen as loners, spurning society in preference of the wilderness that best suits their animalist natures. Like the Brujah, they are fierce warriors; however, their ferocity is born from their natural connection to their inner beast. This is likely why they prefer to keep in communion with animals more than anything else. The clan tends to stay away from other kindred and their problems; this in not due to apathy or reclusion, but more a simple matter of plain disinterest. The Gangrel are closely tied to The Rom and Gypsies, and they tend to adopt many of the culture’s speech and mannerisms.

Clan Weakness: The Gangrel remain very close to the beast, and every time they succumb to it, the beast leaves its mark. Whenever a Gangrel frenzies they gain a permanent animal feature, to be determined by the player and the Storyteller. Every five animal features gained in this way permanently reduces one of the characters Social Attributes by one.

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Protean, Fortitude.

Gangrel AntitribuEdit

The ‘Hunters’, or Gangrel Antitribu, are the animalistic face of the Sabbat, having moved away from their mainstream heritage in favour of becoming closer to the beast. There hunting prowess is unmatched. They are neither sadists nor mindless thugs; the Gangrel Antitribu are creatures of pure instinct. In fact, the clan has two sub-clans to it: the City Gangrel and the Country Gangrel. The Country Gangrel are very similar to their Camarilla cousins, being lone hunters, preferring the wilderness and the company of animals over the rigmarole of city life. They serve the Sabbat as scouts and warriors. The City Gangrel are thought to have almost become a distinct bloodline from the time of the Industrial Revolution; they prefer the urban jungle as their playground, learning to hide and stalk the city streets, though they are no less animalistic than their country brothers.

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